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We are setting the foundation to enable blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in the Middle East and North Africa.

Dubai 2020

Dubai is one of the leading business centres in the Arab world and the region. Dubai government plans to be one of the first cities to fully adopt blockchain technology by 2020. The government of Dubai announced that all its government entities will conduct their business using the blockchain technology. The decision of Dubai government is destined to fuel innovation and mass adoption of the blockchain technology in UAE and the region.

SaharaChain Ecosystem

Our building blocks consists of Cryptocurrency exchange - SaharaEx, a cryptocurrency Payment Gateway - SaharaGate, SaharaWallets and SaharaAnalytics.

All services are offered in English, Arabic and other local languages.


SaharaEx is a cryptocurrency exchange where cryptocurrencies can be exchanged with each other. To increase security, SaharaEx uses third party verification to verify all transactions.


SaharaGate is a full payment solution enabling corporate & individual sellers to trade their products and services against cryptocurrencies.

Buyers use a Daily Wallet to pay for goods and services while the seller accepts the payments using the Business Wallet in cryptocurrency.


SaharaWallets handle multi-cryptocurrency to ensure best user experience. Tokens can be moved between wallets in a user friendly way. The wallets are designed to enable non technical users to use tokens without the hassle of knowing how to use public and private keys.

Daily Wallet

As the name implies, it is a hot wallet designed for day-to-day customer purchases and trading. The daily wallet can be used at designated merchants using SaharaGate payment gateway.

Saving Wallet

A cold wallet. You can think of it as cryptocurrency savings account with no limitations on token movement. The Savings Wallet is used to store tokens the user wishes to hold on for an extended period of time.

ICO Wallet

Enables all customers to participate in ICOs. Those who are not technically savvy and have limited knowledge in using public and private keys will find this to be simple and user-friendly. The ICO Wallet user will select the ICO they wish to participate and the amount of participation. SaharaChain customers can recommend ICOs to be added to the ICO Wallet. All ICOs added to the ICO wallet are crowd sourced and selected as SaharaChain stakeholders.

Business Wallet

SaharaChain Business Wallet handles multiple cryptocurrencies to ensure best user experience. The fiat prices of items sold, will be converted to cryptocurrency at the SaharaGate Gateway exchange rate.

Online Store and Website integration will enable sellers to use their website to accept cryptocurrency payments.

We will also provide Merchant POS Integration and API to integrate with the other systems.

SaharaAnalytics Engine

SaharaAnalytics is an intelligent, data-driven Analytics Engine. SaharaAnalytics is designed using various machine learning techniques including deep-learning and reinforcement learning. SaharaAnalytics is architected using two core modules, UpperAI and LowerAI. SaharaAnalytics components provide real-time and comprehensive insights of the dynamics and trends of cryptocurrencies across several exchanges.

SAND Tokens

The SAND Token is a utility token for SaharaChain services; especially the SaharaEx exchange. Services can be paid for using ETH or SAND tokens. When paying with SAND tokens, the user is entitled to a 50% discount on transaction fees. The SAND tokens utilized to access services will be burned by one half and the other half will be resold to cover operational expenses of the company. When SAND tokens run out, paying for services on SaharaChain will be possible using ETH or other cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC).


2017: Quarter 4

Initial Coin Offering
Strategic Partnerships
Exchange Architecture
Acquiring License

2018: Quarter 1

Development of SaharaEx
Development of Daily Wallet
Development of LowerAI

2018: Quarter 2

SaharaEx: Alpha release
Daily Wallet: Alpha release
LowerAI: First-models release
Development of SaharaEx
Development of Daily & ICO Wallets
Development of LowerAI

2018: Quarter 3

SaharaEx: Beta release
Daily Wallet release
ICO Wallet: Beta release
LowerAI: Second-models release
Development of SaharaEx
Development of ICO & Savings Wallets
Development of UpperAI
Payment Gateway Architecture

2018: Quarter 4

SaharaEx release
ICO Wallet release
Savings Wallet release
UpperAI: Alpha release
Development of Payment Gateway
Development of Business Wallet
Development of UpperAI

2019: Quarter 1

SaharaGate: Beta release
Business Wallet: Alpha release
UpperAI: Beta release
Development of UpperAI & LowerAI
Development of Payment gateway & Business Wallet

2019: Quarter 2

SaharaGate release
Business Wallet release
UpperAI: Deep-agent release
Plans for growth

Management Team

Ghiath Osman, Founder & CEO

Ghiath has over 20 years of working experience in the US and Internationally, managing technology incubators, venture capitals, GSM telecom projects, software development teams and IT projects such as eCommerce, internet technologies and mobile app development.

Ghiath led several successful projects for some of the leading players in the high tech and Internet industries including Sun Microsystems, Netscape, Silicon Graphics and Intel.

Ghiath cofounded, a venture capital firm and business incubator located in Mountain View California, the heart of Silicon Valley, focused on incubating innovative B2B business models and providing custom technology to inspire start ups.

Ghiath is a graduate of Computer Science from Missouri University of Science & Technology.

Our Advisors

Leaders from the Industry

Abdulrahman Al-lahham

Abdul has more than 10 years in software development and cryptography. While pursuing his PhD in quantum cryptography at Université de Montréal,‎ he started a career in data science in the financial sector. Because of his engineering skills and mathematical knowledge, he was able to solve many complex problems using state-of-the-art machine learning models. His expertise ranges from building auto-trading systems using reinforcement learning to generating video games characters using deep learning.

In his spare time, Abdul writes in different blogs about machine learning and mathematical physics. He is also interested in the history and philosophy of science, particularly, in the mediaval Aristotelian worldview.

Khalil A Jaouni

Khalil Jaouni’s business consulting career spans 30 years, starting in 1987 at Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture) in Riyadh then moving to establish the Accenture Dubai office in 1995. Overall, he spent 15 years at Andersen in the MENA region, including 5 years in partner positions, with an 18-month mid-point stint in London, where he worked on a global cash management program for a leading US bank. He later led the financial markets practice. He is the youngest to achieve partnership at the age of 31 at Andersen in the Middle East.

Subsequently, Khalil founded a number of companies, including CariZMa – a customer interaction consulting and training firm, Atlas Advisory – an investment and business advisory firm, and Sparta Technologies – a project management and investment management solution provider. Over his 30-year career, Khalil contributed to transformation programs at more than 50 financial services institutions, 4 stock exchanges, 5 telecom groups, in addition to clients in manufacturing, government and healthcare.

Khalil is frequently called upon by CEOs to advise on strategy, and innovative business trends. He served as board member of Aregon (currently part of Optimiza), one of the largest regional business consulting companies, based in Jordan. He also contributed to the launch of the first mobile payments business in the region (LUUP), and the first Dow Jones pan-Arab index, the DIFC Arabia Titans 50.

Khalil holds a B.Sc. Computer Engineering (Honors) from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 1987. He is an alumni of the International School of Choueifat.

Utpal Nath

Utpal Nath is a senior executive with proven leadership in creating, managing and growing innovative hi-tech businesses from zero to $500M+ in revenues in the region. Utpal possess a strong track record of accomplishment in leading turnaround and growth strategies, Entrepreneurship, strategist, visionary, mentor, advisor for many businesses in the MENA region. His technology and digital business experience covers industry verticals such as Telecom, Managed ICT Services, Blockchain and Crypto Economy, SaaS & Cloud, Digital Payments, e-Commerce, Banking, Internet, Energy and aviation.

Utpal is often invited to provide his expertise in multiple forums on Entrepreneurship, start-ups, digital transformation. Blockchain and Crypto Economy and the region’s changing digital landscape and currencies. Utpal is on the advisory boards of many start-ups in the Fintech, MarTech and Blockchain technology. Utpal is a prominent speaker, angel investor and mentor to local startups in the UAE.

Zuheir Mheir

Zuheir has 25+ years in the telecommunications field covering technology, B2C/B2B, and customer experience. Recently, Zuheir has led a major mobile wallet platform specification in the FiniTech industry working with a major mobile money startup company.

Zuheir was a Senior Director with Etisalat, Dubai for 11 years. He also was Territory Sales Manager with Cisco Systems Inc, USA (Colorado) & then UAE, Dubai. Led successful projects with major players in the FinTech, telecom and Internet industries.

Zuheir has a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Denver and BSc in Computer Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

Al-Tayeb Ahmed Sidqi Al-Dajani

Al-Dajani is one of the renowned scholars in Islamic finance and banking with over than 30 years of experience. He lectured in various universities, including Harvard Law School, on legal and financial topics.

Al-Dajani is the Founder and Managing Partner of Atlas International W.L.L in Kuwait & Dubai. Specialized in Islamic banks establishment, companies Islamization restructuring, co-branding of national indexes of Arab and Sharia compatible stock markets and funds management in co-operation with Dow Jones Indexes Intl. He is also the CEO of Taiba Kuwaiti Holding Co. since 2006.

Al-Dajani's wide expertise includes: establishment of Islamic Banks, restructuring of Companies, Construction of national indexes, Investment Management, Investment banking, and Islamic Banking & Corporate Finance.

Al-Dajani provided financial consulting for establishing the Sabah Al-Ahmad Residential City in the State of Kuwait. The project is valued at KD 1.5 Billion.

Al-Dajani advised on the restructuring and Islamization of Dubai Bank, Dubai, U.A.E, in 2003.

Al-Dajani is a member of the Young Arab Leaders Initiative of Shaikh Mohamed Ben Rashed AlMaktoum, Ruler of Dubai. He is also a member of the Arab Business Council, an offshoot of Davos Conference, Switzerland.